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Thank you for considering Fond du Lac Christian School. John Milton argued that the purpose of education is to regain a knowledge of God and to love Him out of that knowledge. We agree wholeheartedly. 


Education does not end when a student becomes confident and competent in navigating academic subject matter. Rather, a student’s academic journey is complete when the things they learn inspire a love for God and for others. At FCS, we take each step of the educational process seriously. Our teachers inspire students to achieve high academic standards. Our curriculum integrates biblical worldview instruction into every subject matter. As such, the FCS graduate is a lifelong learner whose academic pursuits are totally integrated with a wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ. Our curriculum is college preparatory, with an emphasis upon critical thinking, problem-solving, and STEAM. 


Our teachers are servant leaders who work at FCS because they want to serve God and they love students. Furthermore, they are distinguished in their field. Our faculty all have college degrees, and many of them have a master’s or doctorate degree. Well-versed in teaching methodology and their subject matter, FCS teachers know how to make difficult concepts fun and inspiring to students. What defines our teachers, however, is the way that they care for students. At FCS, you can be confident that your child’s teacher prays for them individually. With small classroom sizes, teachers can differentiate learning, helping students to unlock their individual and unique, God-given potential.

At Fond du Lac Christian School, our goal is to serve the Christian home by supporting families as they raise children to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. By surrounding your children with a community of Christ-centered love, we provide excellence in academics and moral development. We hope to serve beside you as your child grows into a mature and fruitful servant of God.


Luke Wagner,


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Fond du Lac Christian School began in 1995 after a year of prayer meetings asking God for His direction. For our first ten years, the school rented space in a variety of locations, until 2005, when God graciously provided land and the funds to build our present building at 720 Rienzi Road.


Since its incorporation, the school has operated independently and is currently the only K-12 interdenominational school in the Fond du Lac community.


The purpose of our school is to support the Christian parent in their role and responsibility of raising godly young adults. To achieve this lofty goal we provide excellence in education within the context of faith and high moral standards.


We use every opportunity to instill the principles and beliefs taught in your home. This approach lays the foundation for academic success and moral integrity in the life of your child.

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