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Elementary School

(5K - 6th Grade)

The curriculum is made up of the traditional basic courses taught from a distinctively Christian perspective to lay a foundation for the strong academic curriculum in the secondary school.


The courses include reading, spelling, grammar, literature, composition, handwriting, math, social studies, science, and Bible. Elementary students also have weekly classes in PE and classes in art and music.


FCS focuses on character development by emphasizing our Core Values: Excellence, Wisdom, Integrity, Humility, Prayer, Unity, and Zeal. Students in elementary school learn new character qualities throughout the school year. They learn the definition of the character quality, a Bible verse that highlights the quality and then learn to apply that quality in their lives.

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Upper School

(7th - 12th Grade)

Middle School and High School utilize block scheduling consisting of 90 minute classes. Two grading periods (quarters) are in each semester with both mid-term and final exams. Students are expected to take six classes each semester.


Courses include English, History, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language (Spanish), Art, Drama, Computer, and Bible.

Most students participate in physical activity each day, either as a member of an athletic team, club sport, or as part of the Outdoor Education program.


The mission of FCS is rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through devotions, chapels, Bible studies, retreats, and volunteering, students have the opportunity to grow spiritually by building a solid foundation.


Middle and high school courses

To provide a well-rounded education in each area of study, some of the courses rotate each year. See below for the 2020/2021 schedule. If you'd like see more details about each course, download the Course Descriptions for Middle School or Course Descriptions for High School.

2020/2021 Middle School Course Rotation

Social Studies




Introduction to Literature



Pre-Algebra A & B



Earth Science



History of the Church




2020/2021 High School

Course Rotation

Social Studies

US History



World Literature



Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Advanced Math









Foreign Language



STEAM Program

FCS's commitment to a creative, comprehensive college preparatory education has led us to develop our latest curricular advancement: STEAM. A collaborative interdisciplinary program that combines the best of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics and develops students' problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education takes students out of their comfort zones and immerses them in God's creation. OE excursions happen throughout the second semester and vary in length, difficulty, and skills according to grade level. These experiences develop technical skills like backpacking, cave exploration, and snow shoeing while challenging students to grow personally, trust each other, and apply perseverance and problem-solving.

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