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Christian education doesn't have to be expensive.

We believe every child deserves a Christian education, so we have several options for families who want their to attend FCS but cannot afford the tuition.



We believe every student should have access to a Christian education.  Every year we have a limited amount of scholarship funds available.  

Note: Students must be enrolled to be considered for scholarships.

Financial Aid

How to apply:

Step 1: Click the apply button and create a new account. 

Step 2: Use the school number given below to login and to apply for eligibility for scholarship money.  

  • School Number: 42177

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

How to apply:

FCS participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP). WPCP gives parents a voucher for private or religious schools.

For more information, visit the WPCP site.

What's your investment?

FCS is a charitable institution that exists through the grace of God and donations of individuals who believe in the work we are doing. However, part of the cost of education your child at FCS is your responsibility. See Tuition Details for tuition costs and family discount information.

Family Discounts

To help with the tuition costs for large families, FCS provides discounts for families with more than one child attending the school.

Book Fees

Book fees, used to purchase curriculum, are due in full by September 1 of each year and are non-refundable.

Application and Annual Re-enrollment Fee

FCS has an non-refundable application fee and and an annual re-enrollment fee of $200. There is a $100 discount for those who apply or re-enroll before April 1.

Tuition and Fees
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