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Give your kids a solid spiritual foundation

Quality Christian education for 5K through 12th grade

Raising kids to love God is hard.

FCS provides quality education from a biblical perspective so that students grow spiritually and succeed academically.


All our teachers are highly qualified and fully dedicated to God.


Each class intentionally weaves God's Word into what students are learning.


Teachers get to know their students and help develop their unique strengths.


The curriculum, hands-on experiences, and field trips prepare students for the future.


Students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills by learning science, technology, engineering, art, and math.


FCS helps students of all ages excel academically and develop a life-long commitment to Jesus.

More than just a school

We know you want to give your kids a solid spiritual foundation. You do everything you can at home: read the Bible together, encourage godly choices, and model a commitment to Jesus.


Even with everything you do to teach your kids about God, at times it can feel like an uphill battle, especially when what they learn at school contradicts what they see and hear from you at home.


We want your kids to develop lifetime faith, too! We believe the best way to do that is through a quality Christian education.


That’s where Fond du Lac Christian School comes in.


  • Imagine your kids gathering for prayer each morning with teachers and students.

  • Imagine your kids hearing the creation story while learning to draw trees in art class.

  • Imagine teachers pointing your kids to God’s Word when they have questions, face struggles, or need wisdom.


As part of the FCS family, we are here to support you as you raise your kids to know, love, and serve God.


Schedule a tour today so that you can stop worrying about what your kids are learning in the world and feel confident you’re giving them a strong spiritual foundation, even when they’re not at home.


Teachers get the opportunity to truly know our children. They pray with and for our children. They love them, and they pour light into their lives, which compliments the growth done in the home and through the church.


When our children come home from school, we are excited to hear about their day...and they actually have a LOT to tell us about. They are excited to be there. They are excited to go to FCS in the morning. 

FCS Parent and Teacher

How to join the FCS family

We'd love to show you around and answer any questions you have.

Watch your kids grow.

Be confident that you're giving your kids a high quality education and a solid spiritual foundation.

At FCS, your kids will...

  • Have fun learning new things

  • Be prayed for by teachers and staff

  • Build a spiritual foundation

  • Prepare for the future

  • Make new friends

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7 Myths of Christian Education

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