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“For the supremacy of Christ”

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As Christian educators in the 21st century, we believe that our students must be courageous agents for good in our world - active doers of the Word, not passive hearers only.


Our ultimate intent is to educate the whole person... to shape good people with the intellect, skills, character, healthy habits, and faith to live fulfilled, mission-driven lives that glorify God.


We envision a challenging education for our students that is hands-on, in order to form and inform students who have the character and skills to creatively and compassionately contribute to the world around them, as they act from an authentic faith.

To support this vision, we pair daily Christian curriculum with Outdoor Education classes in the second semester of the school year.


Outdoor Education takes students out of their comfort zones and immerses them in the beauty and immensity of the natural world, which serves as a venue for character, spiritual, and leadership development.


OE excursions are spread out over the course of the second semester and vary in length, difficulty, location, and skills taught according to grade level (Upper School only). Technical skills associated with outdoor activities, such as backpacking, cave exploration, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, etc. are discovered as students participate in adventure trips ranging from single day-hikes, putting on skis for the first time, to other miscellaneous adventures which are all designed to challenge students to grow personally, create communal bonds, grow in grit, problem-solving, and social awareness.